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Main course: Asparagus à la Flamande

Serve with:



  • 2 bunches of white asparagus
  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g butter
  • 4 tbsp parsley (chopped)
  • nutmeg
  • pepper
  • salt


Peel the asparagus. Boiled the asparagus 15 to 20 minutes in salted water.
Boil the eggs for 10 minutes. Let them cool down in cold water. Peel the eggs and mash the egg yolks and also the egg whites but keep them apart.
Drain the asparagus on a tea towel and leave them to dry.
Melt the butter without letting it colour. Add a pinch of pepper.
Arrange the asparagus on the plates, pointing in the same direction. Season with a pinch of nutmeg. Dress each portion nicely with bands of egg yolk, egg white and chopped parsley.
Spoon the warm melted butter over the asparagus. Serve immediately. 

credit: Libelle
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